I’m a journalist who has been in the TV business for more than 15 years.  I started my career as a tape editor for the ABC station in my hometown of Va. Beach, VA. I went on to be a reporter and anchor at the CBS affiliate spending long hours on windy beaches covering hurricanes and many other stories.  But the hurricane coverage sticks with me because of the countless live shots “before” the storm hits where you have to report what’s going on when there’s nothing going on…. yet.  Actually it was a blast and it helped me develop my live skills. While I never thought I’d leave the comfort of my hometown, I got a call from a station in Phoenix in 2001.  The news director had seen me in a talent agency’s reel and he wanted to meet me.  This Southern girl had never been to Phoenix or anywhere in the West for that matter but I was encouraged to fly out and see what was cookin’ in the desert besides the cacti.  When my plane landed in the Valley and I saw the palm trees and big blue sky, I thought, “Wow!”  I fell in love with the desert and the station.  At the time, it was the most unique station in the country, an independent that called itself, “The Place With More Stuff.”  At first I thought how can anyone take them seriously?  But viewers did.  At the time, KTVK was the #1 station in the market and the “funnest” place to work.  I moved up becoming the evening anchor after only 2 years.  I went on to solo anchor the station’s first 9pm news which had steep competition.  But in 3 years, it became the most profitable show at the station (according to my news director).  After spending 10 years at KTVK, I decided to take time off and hang out with my kids and travel.  The time away gave me great perspective and I dveloped an even tighter bond with my two boys. After some time away from the biz, I found that there’s no place like home and today I anchor the 6 and 11pm newscasts at the place where I cut my teeth as a cub reporter, WTKR-3.



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