Paddleboarding and Yoga

Well we’re two weeks into our 45 day program to lose weight and get in shape for summer and things are going well. Yesterday we changed things up a bit and took our yoga class outdoors. We enlisted the help of Isa over at Tula Sports and took out some paddleboards to change up our routine. I had no idea how hard this was going to be. I’ve paddleboarded and I’ve done yoga but not together. And let me tell you, it’s not easy. In fact, I was so sore later that night on the anchor desk, I had to take a few aspirin to get through the show. Yeah, that bad, I mean, good!

There were five of us: Yoga instructors Courtney and Lacey, Erica, co-owner of Studio Bamboo,  Isa, owner of Tula Sports and me. So we put our boards over at Marina Shores in Va. Beach on the Lynnhaven River and off we went. The tide was running hard against us and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction that we wanted to go. If we stopped paddling even for one stroke, we’d drift backwards. We paddled for what seemed like 5 miles upstream (probably on two in reality) and then Isa had us throw some anchors down, finally!  By the time we’d reached our quiet little spot, we’d had a major 45-minute cardio workout. Courtney took us through a short Yoga routine with names of poses I still can’t pronounce. If you’ve done any yoga you know those poses are hard enough. But when you try them on a 33-inch wide board in the water, it gets a lot more interesting. By interesting, I mean harder. Half the time I just watched the other girls doing some of the more complicated poses. I’m still new to this stuff and I wanted to stay on the board, especially after I saw a few jellyfish! Yikes! At the end, we did my favorite pose which I did learn the name of this one, Savasana. Oh sweet lord, I was happy to do that one. Its where you just lie on your back and relax and breathe. There we were just lying in the sunshine, on the water, relaxing. Heaven.

It was a great workout for a lot of reasons. We got in cardio, worked out our core by balancing and paddling on the board and stretched with the yoga. So we all agreed we’d be doing this more, possibly once a week. We’ve all been doing our own versions of diet and we each have our own challenges there which I’ll write about next time. We will be weighing in and measuring next week at the halfway point to see how we’re all doing. Stay tuned……  😉



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