Lose weight with a smaller plate

I don’t know about you, but my issue with staying slim, is not getting to the gym. It’s eating too much! The girls and I have been on this new yoga workout for a week now and we’ve all been dropping pounds! We’re doing it the healthy way with diet and exercise so in 45 days we’ll have changed some bad habits and been more consistent with our workouts.

When it comes to food, I know *what* to eat,  I just eat too much of it. At the end of the day, it’s calories in and calories out. But here’s the thing. Like many of you, I’m busy. I’m a working mom who doesn’t have a ton of time to prepare healthy dishes that are perfectly measured out so that I know how many calories I’m wolfing down. That said I want to give Trader Joe’s a big attaboy!! I was in a huge hurry today, having just dropped off my sons at work and I was racing to the TV station. I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch and probably wouldn’t have time to eat once I got to work. As you know *not* eating is nearly as bad as eating too much. It’s well-documented that our metabolism slows down if we don’t eat regularly. So on my way to work, I dropped into Trader Joe’s to possibly pick up some fruit or veggies or something that would be fast and healthy. I knew they had a small section of ready-made food like sandwiches but I had no idea they had delicious salads perfectly portioned and free of artificial junk that doesn’t belong in food. They had so many choices!! I grew to love TJ’s when I lived in Phoenix but I love them even more now. I actually picked up two salads. One was a Thai lime chicken salad with quinoa and the other was a chicken and roasted beet salad with some kind of amazing vinaigrette. They are good-sized salads and less than 300 calories. A whole meal for less than 300 calories! The pleasant lady at the register was so even gave me a plastic fork. Score!

Right now, the girl’s and I are trying not to weigh ourselves because its too early. We’re focusing on getting consistent yoga workouts in (at least 6 days a week) and doing another exercise like running or biking, or in my case today, Insanity with one of my work buddies here at the station.

While all three of us girls are keeping track of our calories and exercise on the app Lose It, we have asked a nutritionist to come in and help us tomorrow to make sure we are maximizing our eating plan to stay healthy and lose an optimal amount of weight and inches.  Stay tuned!





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