Don’t forget to breathe….

Today Ann worked with us on some yoga basics and a big part of that was breathing. We take for granted this thing we do involuntarily, inhaling, exhaling. It comes naturally, right?  Apparently I was doing it all wrong! Well that’s an overstatement of course, but I certainly wasn’t maximizing my breath to enable me to move through the yoga poses. And moving through the poses correctly makes all the difference. Without theright breathing, I’m just doing some twisty, funky poses and stretching. When I added some mindful deep breathing, I was breaking a sweat in less than 5 minutes.  My body heated up instantly with my breath.  Ann also teaches classes to people with medical issues as well as wounded warriors, paraplegics and folks with PTSD. She knows her stuff! And when she showed me how to do the basic poses correctly incorporating deliberate breath, I was  shocked at how much difference it made. We did a 15-minute basic yoga routine called sun salutes A and B and it was surprisingly hard.  If you want to try some of the breathing exercises and poses we did today, here’s where to find them. poses and breath. The site is also great resource if you’re not sure what the yoga poses are called. I’m still pretty new to the practice so when the class instructor says get into monkey pose, I’m pretty lost and end up looking silly. Don’t worry, I’ll share those pics later for a good laugh.  So to round out today’s workout, Ann led us through also some leg and ab work that are all yoga moves. So in one hour, I was toast.

We’ve been working at this since Tuesday and Ann is the big winner so far. She has lost 3 pounds! Erica and I haven’t lost any weight and we were a little bummed about it but we know the weight and inches will eventually catch up to our hard work.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the two things I’m doing that help curb my appetite, give me energy and will eventually help me shed some pounds.  Stay tuned:)



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