Beach bodies here we come!


Ok, how many of you put on a bathing suit this year and gasped when you looked in the mirror? Well I did. This momma bear put on some hibernation weight over the Winter and now I’d prefer to wear the cover-up and not the suit. After talking to my friends, Ann and Erica, I realized we were all in the same boat. None of us is overweight by most standards but we are not at our personal best. So Ann has put us on a program to slim down and tighten up!  The main part of our workout is yoga and yoga-related calisthenics. It’s amazing how hard it can be lift your own body weight. So here’s the basic plan. We are doing a 15 minute yoga routine and then Ann takes us through a variety of exercises to strengthen and tone. I’ll be detailing all of these exercises in this blog as we go along as well as some pics so you can follow along if you like. So basically, 45-minutes of yoga/strength work and we all do our own versions of cardio for about an hour a day, biking or running. This routine is 6 days a week. In my next post, I’ll talk about what we’re eating and what app we’re using to keep track of calories.   Stay tuned…..


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