Beach Girls Fit Challenge


I called a longtime family friend, Ann, a few weeks ago complaining about the 15 pounds I’d gained since I moved back to Va. Beach from Phoenix. Luckily, you only see me on TV from the waist up most of the time so it doesn’t show, but its there, believe me! This baby’s got back! too much of it. I told Ann that I’d tried everything to lose the weight in the past year but nothing really stuck: Crossfit, weight-lifting, running, you name it! And the various diets: low carb, Paleo, even vegan and nothing had worked. I know how to eat healthy and I’m active but I felt like I needed a program or something.

One of the things I really like to do is Yoga but I never considered it to get in shape. I always liked the way it made me, the breathing, stretching, and quiet time. So that’s why I called Ann. She’s a yoga instructor and owns a studio in Va. Beach and I wanted to get her take on whether she felt like I could get the results I wanted with Yoga. She too said she wanted to lose some weight and that it would be a good experiment for us to do our own version of a weight loss challenge, a beach girls’ yoga challenge of sorts. We got together at her studio and that’s when I met Erica, co-owner at the studio. She and I hit it off immediately and she said she also needed to drop 15 pounds.

We thought we’d be a great trio because we all have some experience in the health arena: I’ve been a health reporter for many years and used to have a segment called Weight Loss Wednesday in AZ, Ann has been a Yoga teacher and fitness expert for umpteen years and Erica has been an athlete, yogi and runner most of her life.

So we asked Ann to lead us in a plan to get in shape. We hope you’ll follow and cheer us on!! We’re not just measuring how much weight we’re losing, but inches as well.

In the next 45 days we’ll be sharing what we’re eating (or not eating) what types of Yoga-related exercises we’re doing, and what apps we’re using to track everything. I’ll also include some articles and health-related tips that might help you too.

Ok, one, two, three, go team!!


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